K.L. Todd

Author + Artist

Personal Appearance Meeting Invitation

Personal Appearance Meeting Invitation

Colored Pencil and Pen Ink with India Ink Calligraphy on 4-inch x 6-inch paper ♦ 1982

This invitation was drawn for a quad-folded invitation for a speech club meeting on this topic. This portion was drawn on the lower right corner of an 8½ x 11-inch sheet of paper and the information that was inside the card was written, lettered, or typed up-side-down on the upper left corner so that it could be photocopied and made into a quad-folded card. Unfortunately the invitations had to be photocopied in black and white back then, so the dozen or more copies each had to be colored in. This original drawing was cut out and mounted on cardboard as décor for the head table.

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