K.L. Todd

Author + Artist

Goalsetting Meeting Invitation

Goalsetting Meeting Invitation

India Ink, Pencil and Pen Ink on 4-inch x 6-inch paper ♦ August 1982

This invitation cover was drawn with a fine-tipped India Ink pen and shaded with graphite pencil, with some lines drawn in pen ink. This is the template for photocopying the invitations. Photocopiers did not capture the correction fluid on the calligraphy. K. L. Todd often did artwork and calligraphy for cards, notes or social events like this speech club invitation. This portion was drawn on the lower right corner of an 8½ x 11-inch sheet of paper and the information that was inside the card was written, lettered, or typed up-side-down on the upper left corner to make a quad-folded card.

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