K.L. Todd

Author + Artist

Teen/Adult Fiction


Resilience Remains K.L. Todd
The Elites escaped The Great Destruction that mankind brought upon…
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When the worst biological pandemic in history, Covid-25, strikes the…
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Diablo Santos, born in Aragon, Spain in 1540, lost his…
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K.L. Todd published her first e-book on Amazon and on Nook Publishing in 2015. “Cocolian” is the first book of an epic trilogy. In this work she shows her ability to take an outlandish notion of a vampire who is altered to survive on chocolate and to spin it into an exciting adventure that examines the depths of conscience.

In 2021 she e-published her first novella, “The Virus That Did” in response to the pandemic. It is a bit unnerving that a few of the events in the story have begun to play out in reality.

The most recent release as an e-book is the novelette “Resilience Remains” in 2022. It is an examination of how society can go so terribly wrong and yet how hope and decency can still prevail.

She is currently working on the sequels to her first novel along with a collection of short writings, which is a compilation of short stories, poems, and fun that has been in the making for many years, but now only await their graphics. Look for these to be released in the future. Some works may also become available as paperbacks soon.


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