K.L. Todd

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First Mural

First Mural

Acrylics on primed cement block wall approximately 7-foot tall x 7-foot wide ♦ 1977

This was the first mural that K. L. Todd painted, which was in the Drama room of her High School. Another artist had roughly outlined an Elizabethan actor and actress on a stage, but after painting just a bit of the stage floor, the other artist backed out. When the drama teacher came into the art room to ask for a volunteer to finish the mural, K. L. Todd quickly volunteered. This led to K. L. Todd being asked to do two other murals in the school, a desert scene in the drama room, plus the Warrior on Horseback. The drama room later became an ROTC Recruitment room, so this first mural was painted over, but jets were added to the desert mural, which was also later painted over once ROTC Recruitment left the school.

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