K.L. Todd

Author + Artist

Resilience Remains

The Elites escaped The Great Destruction that mankind brought upon itself. They hid in bunkers, but others also survived. They call these the “Populace” and become their heavy-handed caretakers, imprisoning them in a desolate island city. This new world order changes with the escape of a single Populace woman and the cargo pilot who snatches her from her swim across the channel. Together they rediscover lost pillars of humanity and change civilization.

The Virus That Did

When the worst biological pandemic in history, Covid-25, strikes the world, normalcy ends. Biological Research doctors Adam and Daphne Richards work tirelessly to not only find a cure for the cure meant to save humankind, but to survive the societal chaos caused by this latest pandemic. What they do know is frightening, but what they don’t know is equally unnerving.


Diablo Santos, born in Aragon, Spain in 1540, lost his humanity to vampirism at the age of twenty-two. He finds that fleeing his vampire coven and becoming a “rogue vampire” leaves him still unable to escape his curse. He takes flight to the New World of the Americas. In the dark rain forest of Brazil he finds freedom in the “elixir of the gods.” He becomes the Cocolian. A new race is formed, but his new form is not without its own burdens and perils. Will he and those around him survive this life of angst and adventure? This is a vampire story unlike any other.

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